Assembly of megayachts

Project structure to implementation of the whole installation of the electrical construction

The ITU marine systems GmbH has a functional construction site with an engineering department, commissioning, project management, electric site and a wielder site on the Luerssen-Kroeger Shipyard in Schacht-Audorf, Schleswig-Holstein.

The construction site was built back in 2009. On that time, the cabling for the megayachts began. The Yachts have got a length about 75 – 100 meters and we lay cables about 130 – 220 kilometers. On the shipyard we are responsible for the whole installation, especially for the development of the cable laying and for the connection and implementing on the cable network, inclusive the whole equipment.

Our wielders are responsible for the cable engineering, calculation of the weight specification and for documenting the cable construction.

At the moment we have 100 staff members, including project managers, construction managers, electricians and wielders.