The ITU marine systems GmbH was found back in 1992 under the name “Industrie & Umwelttechnik GmbH” by Mr. Klaus Stegmann. The company has done different work packages in line with service contracts in the field of pipeline equipment of ships, wind power systems, cabling of offices and commercial properties and partial cabling on ships.

1998 Mr. Klemens Stegmann took the company on and specialized it in the installation of electrical constructions for different types of ships. 

In addition to the pure installation of electrical constructions, including the installation of cableways and cable network including the circuit points and the implementation of the systems, the ITU marine systems GmbH does the provisorily sight lighting and the whole dues in association with STN Atlas GmbH.

Our top location is the FSG shipyard in Flensburg. Here is where we got more orders in the field of worldwide service assignments. Our exclusive engineers and mechanics have done those orders for different customers in the field of electrical shipbuilding.

Since 2009 we have another location on a shipyard. Next to the cabling of merchant ships we are responsible for the cabling on megayachts on the Luerssen-Kroeger shipyard as well. Besides the pure mounting packs we provide the necessary material like cables, cableways, bolting and clamping material. And in the years betwenn 2008 – 2010 we developed our own routingsoftware. This program is able to comprise the whole equipment for the ship, find ways and calculates the cable lengths.

In Flensburg and in Schacht-Audorf as well we have container citys respectively halls, to provide our expert staff on the ground.

We have high qualified employees which are available for different shipyards for testing purposes since 2006. Our nautical officers and chief engineers sail in the course of service contracts for our customers.

The equipment of naval vessels is done by a third assembly team on different shipyards. We have containers as a workshop, which we can build up wherever we need them.

In 2012 the ITU GmbH renamed itself as “ITU marine systems GmbH”. The company has its own permanent staff in field of ship electronics and construction mechanics. Our subsidiary company, ITU Dienstleistungen GmbH, was founded back in 1999 to remedy capacity constraints. With our subsidiary company we have a total capacity about 550 skilled workers.

The following sites may help you to get a small view about the structure of our company.

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